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We’re offering individual solutions.

A safety management system created from scratch, tailored to the business model and work environment of your company

Construction Site


CDM is our specialty. We handle about 150 projects annually. There really is no project to big or small for our team. We specialize in the difficult and unusual projects that require increased attention.


Your company is different than any other because it is yours.

You require individual care.

You deserve the best solutions.

Your idea, your work, your team,

our future.



We treat what we do personally. What is safety? A regulation? A duty? For us, it is the foundation. A measure of our humanity. A healthy dad who will ensure a successful start in the future for his children. A healthy mother who will teach them to love the world and people. An accident is always a tragedy for everyone. Pain of the injured, disability, trauma of their families. Financial consequences for the business, penalties, trials that last for years. That is why we approach each project individually. We asses the risks, create procedures, implement control measures. We check the effectiveness of our actions.


For us, it is much more than business.

It’s you and your people.




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