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The agriculture sector is one of the most dangerous working environments with one of the largest accident rates. 

Contrary to popular belief, working in the agriculture is dangerous. Agricultural equipment such as combine harvesters, straw balers, mowers, huge tractors and crop sprayers, heavy plant, chemicals, noise all increase the risk of injury within the industry.
The sector is characterised by one of the largest accident rates from crushing and entanglements that can lead to amputations and lifelong impacts such as paralysis.
At PATRON we know how important it is to take of the workforce and ensure every person returns home safe after a hard day. We create bespoke safety plans for your business taking all the necessary precautions into consideration and meeting the highest safety standards as set out by government guidelines.

We will take care of the health and safety of you, your family and employees by providing a tailor- made solution fit for a safe and happy workplace.

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